public entities


The firm represents numerous public entities in Colorado
including metropolitan districts, water and sanitation districts, water conservancy
districts, and municipalities.  Colorado public entities deal with myriad
legal issues including compliance with state statutes governing special
districts and municipalities, open records and meetings laws, the Colorado
Governmental Immunity Act, intergovernmental relations, risk management, land
use and real estate, contracts, and employment.  The firm’s lawyers have
deep experience advising public entities in these areas as general counsel and
as litigation counsel.  The firm’s lawyers also have broad experience
representing private individuals and businesses when dealing with public
entities on issues such as land use, real estate, taxes, licensure, and

The attorneys at Law of the Rockies have experience on both
sides: public entity representation and private party representation dealing
with public entities.  Whether you are a public entity with general
counsel or other legal needs or a private individual or business in need of a
lawyer experienced in dealing with public entities and knowledgeable in public
entity law, the lawyers at Law of the Rockies have the experience to help.